January 2015 Offer



The big news this month is we at Harmony Cars have been listening to our customers over the last 12 months and the biggest request we have had from them is to reduce tariffs. This is not an easy thing to do as fuel, parking, taxes, car maintenance, etc have all increased, however we think we may have come up with the answer.

This month we are offering for a trial period till the end of March 2015 a more basic service from Heathrow to Central London, reducing the fare from our advertised £60 for a sedan to £50. Please note all our current prices currently include up to 1 hour waiting time free from when the aircraft lands at the airport, and all car park charges are also included in our prices.

The new lower fare will exclude the parking charges, and will only give you 30 minutes free waiting time but this will be from when your driver comes into the terminal. The driver will not come into the Airport to meet you till 45 minutes after landing. You will still be collected by your very own meet and greet English suited and booted Chauffeur and he will still drive you in one of our top executive vehicles, but car park charges will be added to your tariff totally based on what the driver has to pay at the car park when he leaves the airport. With regard the waiting time, as the driver is not going to come into the terminal till 45 minutes after you land you will have a total of 75 minutes from when the aircraft lands to meet your driver before any waiting charges will be made.

If you are coming to London between now and the end of March 2015 then you will have the chance to try this lower priced service, if you are happy to book our usual service then this is fine as both services will run simultaneously together. If you need a larger car than a sedan then we can offer you the lower prices for our other vehicles as well just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to give you a quote. Please feel to pass this offer on to any family, friends or work colleagues.

Harmony Cars always strive to give a top class service at all time that is second to none, all though the price will be cheaper our standard of service and care will not be sacrificed, our company always aims to give our clients the best experience possible.

I hope we will see you this year and if you are coming later in the summer remember to keep an eye on our blog as we always have our top ten recommendations for what to see and do for the month. Have a great year and keep an eye out for our blog updates as we will keep you informed of all our special offers during 2015.


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