Business Travel to and From London – the Best Way to Make your Flight

As airline travel costs, taxes and surcharges continue to rocket, many frequent business travellers are beginning to feel the pinch.

It is becoming increasingly popular with frequent business travellers and tourists alike in the current economic climate to use budget travel services to make up the deficit caused by rising air fares. This can include using one of the many low cost airlines which provide customers with a far more basic flight service (no complimentary food and drinks- in fact, often no food or drink at all, less leg room, toilet charges etc) or choosing public transport to get to and from any one of London’s five main airports.

However, public transport is not always the most convenient mode of transport to the airport, especially when travelling to a strict itinerary and carrying heavy and cumbersome luggage which can be incredibly awkward to carry up and down the stairs and onto trains on London’s Underground service, for example. Add to this the burden of carrying computer and other electronic equipment for business and the train journey to and from the airport becomes a nightmarish experience.

Rather than arriving at airport check-in hot, flustered and dreading the thought of travelling any further, it’s worthwhile phoning around and getting comprehensive quotes from dedicated taxi firms specialising in London airport transfers. There are many taxi companies across the Capital that specifically offer an airport shuttle service for frequent flyers for business.

Whilst hiring a private cab is going to be a little more expensive than the tube, there are some real benefits to be considered. Your chauffeur will pick you up in a prestige vehicle from any address at a time chosen by you and will be waiting for you at arrivals when you return home again. They will even wait for you if your flight is delayed.

If you’re flying into London for the first time, the London Underground train network and other public services can be incredibly confusing and it could take hours to reach your accommodation as you navigate a completely foreign city. Choosing a dedicated airport transfer allows you to relax and concentrate on your business in the Capital.

An airport shuttle service will be more costly than hopping on a bus or taking the Underground, however it really takes the stress out of getting to the airport in plenty of time, allowing you to enjoy the journey without enduring cramped public transport services and worrying about being late and forgetting your luggage. Prices are often negotiable and it is possible to get extremely good deals when booking a return service.

So even if you are flying with a budget airline which doesn’t even guarantee you a seat, at least you can enjoy starting your journey in comfort, safe in the knowledge that your Public Carriage Office-accredited driver will get you, and your luggage, to the airport on time.

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