Chauffeur can be cheaper method of U.K travel after train ticket price hike.

If you are planning on travelling to or from London on the train, you might just be able to save yourself some cash by hiring a chauffeur. It has been revealed this week that as a result of the dramatic rises in public transportation ticket prices, regular users of the UK train network could be better off hopping into a chauffeur driven executive saloon to get to their destination.

One example of this in action is based on a trip for 3 people travelling first class on the train from London to Birmingham – the return cost would be £231 per person based on purchasing the tickets on the day of travel. That works out to £693 in total. Book a chauffeur driven executive car for up to 4 passengers and it will cost you £400 for a return trip, door to door.  This is a saving of £293, not even taking into consideration that 4 passengers could travel for the same price. Not only is this a cost saving, it’s also a time saving as there is no need to wait for delayed trains!

First Class Train Tickets Chauffeur Driven Car

People: 3

London – Birmingham (Return)



People: 3

London – Manchester (Return)



Manchester return is better still. 3 passengers travelling first class on the train will cost you £1161 for a return journey; with the chauffeur this will cost you £700 with a trip time of about 3 hours door to door.  It’s a trend that continues throughout the UK.

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