Cruising from the Port of Southampton

If you are thinking of booking a cruise and it’s start port is Southampton then here is some information which may be of some help.

Southampton is located in the South of England and is easy to get to from any of the UK’s major London airports, i.e. Heathrow and Gatwick.

Known as the Gateway to the Ocean. Southampton is bursting with Cruise Liners which operate out of 4 cruise terminals, all are close to Southampton’s city centre, between them they accommodate over 1 million passengers a year.

Once in the U.K. getting to the port of Southampton for your cruise can be done either, by public transport( i.e. Bus, rail), or if you want, by driving yourself in your own, or a hire car, or of course you can also book a Chauffeur car.

Each have there advantages and disadvantages. Bus’s and train’s requires you to have to get to a station, or bus stop, and of course you have to carry all your baggage with you, (and if you are like me and my wife you will have plenty of luggage, so this may not necessarily be the easiest thing to do).Then if you take the train when you arrive at Southampton station you will then have to get to the docks, as the train doesn’t arrive straight to the ship. You will then require another cab to take you to the ship.

All in all quite a long strenuous agonizing procedure, definitely not something to look forward to, especially when you are trying to have a relaxing holiday. The Journey time will take from Central London about 2 hours. If you go from Heathrow it will take about 3 hours, as you still have to go to central London to get to the train Station.

The bus option is little better, but takes longer and of course will require you to get to the bus station or meet your cruise rep at the airport. Either way you will then have to wait for all the other passengers to arrive before you can depart, then when you arrive at the port you will have to collect your luggage from the bus to the ship. Cruise companies do often offer their own transfer bus service, but as you are usually one of many sharing the bus the journey can be long and not necessarily that pleasant. Total bus journey time about 2 1/2 hours.

The main reason people take the train or the bus is price. It costs on average with cab fairs included about £100 per person for the train each way, and the bus is about £55 per head each way, both require quite a bit of organizing and shlapping.

When I go on a cruise from Southampton, I have always preferred to pre- book a Chauffeur Car, it just makes the holiday that more relaxing. Now I know it is a little bit more expensive,(about £180 for the car, each way)but it takes all the hassle out of traveling and from London only takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, door to door with no hassle. The driver meets me at my home or airport and takes care of all the luggage, I don’t have to lift a finger. When I return the driver is there to meet me, and while my fellow passengers are on the bus, waiting for everyone to arrive, and then waiting to depart, I am already on my way home. Okay I admit I spend a bit more then the train or bus, but I’m on holiday, and I have already paid a small fortune for my cruise, so why not spoil myself and my wife, with a chauffeur car for the round trip down to the ship, after all my holiday starts from the moment I leave home, and I know that my wife would rather go in comfort and be relaxed, then have to go through all the performance of public transport, or the cruise bus.

Over the last few years I have been on quite a few cruises from Southampton and I have used a company called Harmony Cars many times. I originally found them on the internet and I can 100% recommend them, they are always on time, have great cars, (usually a Mercedes) and they only have English drivers, so I often have a pleasant talk on the way to the boat, which always seems to make the trip go quicker.

Cruises from Southampton are the ideal cruise holiday , I and my wife love them. With easy transport links from London, and the South West they are very convenient, and easily accessible, especially from London.

If you are flying into a London Airport to start your cruise, then do what I do, be met at the airport with your own pre-arranged Chauffeur car, if there are more than 2 passengers traveling then just let the car company know in advance, and then depending on the number of passengers that are traveling they will have either an executive sedan or a People Carrier waiting for you on your arrival. When my family members have come into the UK to start their vacation it is always less stressful and reassuring for them to know that I have arranged a company like Harmony Cars to meet and greet them and take them straight to the ship.

The great thing about all-inclusive cruises from Southampton, is that your holiday begins straight away. As soon as you board the ship you can start enjoying the terrific range of facilities and thereby getting the most out of every minute you’re away on your fantastic cruise holiday from Southampton.

All The leading cruise companies sail from Southampton, and I have personally been on cruises with Celebrity Cruises and Princess and had brilliant holidays with both companies.

There is a Cruise Line and holiday for every taste and pocket, from the sophisticated and extravagant to the family orientated cruise.

Amongst the cruise companies sailing from Southampton this year are:





Royal Caribbean



Fred Olsen


If you have never been on a cruise holiday before and are planning to go from Southampton docks, don’t worry it will be absolutely fantastic, and you will have an awesome vacation.

Once on board the ship, you will have all the restaurants culinary choices at your disposal, you can spend as much time as you like eating your way through their menus. There is always plenty to take your fancy, so try taking elasticated trousers/shorts with you, you will probably need them. I’m speaking from experience.

Go on, book a cruise holiday today, you won’t regret it, but remember what I said, start it off as you intend to continue, book yourself the chauffeur car to take you to Southampton, that way you can go in style and comfort and start your holiday on a positive relaxing note.

Just to remind you Harmony cars email   there phone number is +44(0)7976 374498.

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