Find out about the History of London – Book a Blue Badge

blue-badgeFor many visitors coming to London takes them back in time. As the capital city of the U.K with historic buildings like Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and The British Telecom Tower, the city is awash with history and interesting stories.

If you are on holiday you probably haven’t got the time or the patience to browse through books to discover all the secrets the city has to offer. That’s where a blue badge guide is a perfect solution. The British tourist board were aware that visitors had a great interest in the history of London so they set up a special qualification that allows anyone to learn how to be a London tour guide.

The course covers the famous people who have lived in the city, its historical sites and the stories that bring them together in an interesting and entertaining way. After you pass the exam you are presented with a blue badge that makes you an official London tourist guide. A blue badge holder can give in-depth guided tours of London showing visitors all the places of interest and the history behind them.

These guides often provide their tours in multiple languages, so no one has to miss out. The cost is usually quite reasonable as you can book them for a full or half day tour, on average the cost is about £300 per day. To get the most out of the tour why not hire a chauffeur driven car to accompany you around (at a cost of about £25.00) whilst your guide gives you a unique insight into London. By using a chauffeur driven vehicle you also get to see a lot more of London in the time available in the luxury of total comfort.

Harmony cars can provide a full sightseeing service including chauffeur vehicles for up to 8 passengers and a blue badge tour guide. Give us a call today to arrange your trip.

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