Happy and Healthy New Year

Well January has arrived and it is the start of a brand new year. May I take this opportunity of wishing everyone a happy new year from Harmony Cars.

London is just starting to get back to normal after the holidays, however with the bad weather that we had in December it has left many Londoners with dreadful Flu and colds, so many people have still not returned to work. If you travel on public transport at the moment, (like the underground), then this is a place where you are most likely to pickup an infection or virus as the transport is so packed with passengers. There are people standing over you all the time, breathing there bad germs in your face, it is therefore not surprising that this is one of the most common places to pick up an illness.

If you are coming to London this month and where thinking of using public transport to get you to your accommodation from the airport, then you might like to rethink your travel arrangements.

Although cheaper by bus or train than a private chauffeur car, coming down with some uncomfortable illness while you are here is not the best way to enjoy your trip especially if you end up in bed with an unexpected illness.

For just £55 you can travel in comfort and in a healthy environment, without having to share your transport with anyone else, except the driver of course. Therefore you should arrive at your destination fresh, relaxed and well.

If you are a family the extra cost is minimal and the pleasure of arriving in comfort with a personal private chauffer car is well worth the extra money.

Fortunately London is a great place to walk around, so once you have got to the centre of town you can enjoy all the sights on foot.

Enjoy your trip and hears to a healthy and happy new year.

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