Visit London this Christmas for a Special Experience

London is a magnificent place to come at Christmas time; the weather is cold and crisp but usually dry – ideal weather for walking and exploring this great town.

This year there are as ever numerous special events well worth visiting. If you love to ice-skate for example, around the city there are several temporary outdoor rinks put up especially for the festive season; one of which is located at the Natural History Museum and another in Hyde Park within the special Winter Wonderland attraction.

This is a free, themed event in its third year, and in addition to ice skating offers a Circus, fairground and a market. It’s a lot of fun for all ages, and is open until 10.00pm every day but Christmas day. Just a short distance from the attraction is the original Hard Rock café too – why not pop in for an extra treat?

Other Christmas sights in London include the colossal Christmas tree in Trafalgar square which has been a regular sight since 1945. This is thanks from the people of Norway who present London with the giant each year as a thank you for helping to liberate them in World War 2. In the evenings there are often Christmas carol events held around the tree, visitors are always welcome and can come and join in if they want to.

London wouldn’t be London without all the special Christmas street decorations and lights, and this year is quite spectacular with all the main streets attempting to outdo one other with their lights and decorations – if you are staying in central London you cannot help but see them wherever you go.

You might want to do a spot of shopping while you are in town as London is possibly one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe at the moment. With the pound so weak and the reduction in purchase tax still good till the end of the year, plus all the pre-Christmas big store sales why not take advantage and bag a bargain?

At night there are many great productions to see in one of the 25 or more theatres in London, each performing some of the best shows on the planet 6 nights a week. You can also experience some of the finest eateries in the world with prestige restaurants such as Gordon Ramsey’s Michelin starred restaurant at Claridge’s, plus high quality, good value eateries all over the city. London is awash with places to eat that will suit everyone’s tastes.

If you are coming to London for the first time then why not consider a personal private tour of the city in a warm chauffeur driven Limo to take you around London at night, and allow your driver to show you the real London that he knows and loves. The price is reasonable and of course, the more passengers the cheaper it gets. Prices are from £25 a head for a four-hour tour.

Come to London and you can experience a real traditional British Christmas. We look forward to seeing you and making you welcome.

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