The best priced executive/transfer chauffeur service in London?

london summer airport transfersIf you are coming to London and would like to be driven in style by a smartly dressed, English driver in a nice Mercedes or BMW, and book a 100% reliable chauffeur/transfer service, then there are a number of quality companies to choose from.

Some of these you may already be familiar with as they regularly appear on the web, companies such as Browns chauffeurs, Central Chauffeurs, First Class Chauffeurs, Crawford’s, Addison Lee, Black & White and the list goes on. Harmony Cars is a name you might not be familiar with, but stumbled on when doing a search on the internet. Harmony Cars are operated in London by Londoners who aim to give you what they describe as the “English experience”. Their service is equal, if not better than the companies mentioned above. The main difference is price, in most cases they are at least 20% cheaper on their rates. The reason for this is they want you to receive the best service at a price that is affordable and all the drivers operate as a co-operative, so there is no company commission to pay. The saving is passed straight to you the customer.

If you look at their website you can see all there vehicles they use and their tariffs are clearly shown, none of the other companies do that. Why? Because the others don’t want you to compare prices without talking to them first.

If you want to put it to the test by all means contact any of the companies mentioned and get quotes from any of them on a Mercedes or BMW service, I am certain they will all be more expensive than Harmony Cars.

If you don’t see your destination on Harmony’s site then ask for a personal quote, you will receive a reply within 4 hours, sometimes it takes only 10 minutes, guaranteed!

Now you can get cheaper quotes from other companies on the net, of this I don’t argue, but the majority do not offer the same level of service or the same vehicles, the reason they are cheaper is because most of the drivers they use are from overseas and their vehicles are of a lower quality, such as Ford, Peugeot, Nissan, etc. Now there is nothing wrong with foreign drivers, or cheaper car brands but we believe that Londoners know London the best, and it is a fact that Mercedes and BMW are hard to beat for comfort, reliability and quality of ride and are tops for prestige.

So if you are worried about what car will show up on time, or not being there at all when you arrive into Heathrow or Gatwick or getting off the ship at Southampton or Dover, then look no further use Harmony Cars a 100% reliable service with top vehicles, great professional drivers at a price that is lower than all it’s competitors in the executive/transfer chauffeur business.

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