Top 10 Taxi Drivers in movies

From the earliest cinema, the humble work of the taxi driver has provided the backdrop for some incredible movies. Here’s our run-down of the top ten, in association with Harmony Cars Chauffeur Services London.

10. Pulp Fiction (1994):
After Butch not only wins the fight he was supposed to lose but also kills his opponent in the process he is aided in his hasty getaway back to the hotel by exotic taxi driver Esmeralda Villalobos.

9. Taxi (2004):
Mouthy New York cabby (Queen Latifah) teams up with an inept cop to help solve a string of mysterious robberies. Will her renowned speed behind the wheel help her catch the four female Brazilian robbers

8. Die Hard (1988):
Argyle is McClane’s (Bruce Willis) overworked and undervalued limo driver who brings much-needed light relief to the heavy storyline. In Die Hard 3 (1995) McClane drives a taxi right through central park in the hope of stopping another deadly terrorist’s plot.

7.  Dumb and Dumber (1994):
Working as a limo driver, lovable idiot Lloyd (Jim Carrey) finds that the pretty girl he dropped off at the airport has left a suitcase full of money in the back of his taxi. Along with his sweet but equally stupid best friend Harry, Lloyd embarks on a cross-country journey to return the money to her.

6. Les Debuts d’un Chauffeur (1906):
This film, from the naissance of cinema, follows a man who has just bought a new car. Lacking in experience, the man gets behind the wheel and weaves down the road hitting everything and anything in his path. Quickly an incensed crowd gives chase.

5. Carry On Cabby (1963):
Yet another in the great line of Carry On films, Carry On Cabby follows the life of workaholic taxi driver Charlie (Sid James) and his thriving business Speedee Taxis. When a rival company, Glamcabs, sends out a fleet of taxis that are all driven by gorgeous women, chaos ensures and Charlie must fight for the survival of his livelihood.

4. Alfie (1966):
The original starred Michael Caine as affable chauffeur Alfie who uses his boss’ high class cars for various extra-curricular activities.

3. Taxi (1978):
In this seventies comedy, a gang of strange, unique and ambitious New York cab drivers who dream of better things gang together against their cantankerous and acidic boss to form a lasting bond of friendship.

2. Collateral (2004):
Jamie Foxx plays Max, an unsuspecting taxi driver unlucky enough to find Vincent, a hit-man in the back of his cab. Played by Tom Cruise, Vincent has several hits to make in one night and is willing to pay big bucks for Max’s assistance.

1. Taxi Driver (1976):
A stellar performance from Robert De Niro who plays a mentally unstable Vietnam veteran working nights as a taxi driver. Lonely and consumed by the depressed criminal culture of the city, De Niro’s character suffers from unpredictable bouts of violence, attempting to save a teenage prostitute along the way.

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