A Harry Potter Special

SightseeingIf you are coming to London at the end of May, beginning of June, you may want to visit the “Harry Potter experience” at Warner Bros Studios over at Leavesden, (which is just outside of London). We have featured this attraction on our blog before, so for more details regarding The Harry Potter experience take a  look at previous articles.

From 25th May till 2nd June  there will be a special animal actors event taking place at the studio. These animals all featured in the Harry Potter film series. Visitors will be able to see a selection of animals trained by head animal trainer Julie Tottman, as they revisit the incredible sets that they frequented when working on the films.  You will be able to pose for a picture with one of the snowy owls who played Harry Potters letter-delivering owl  Pigwidgeon and watch the cat who played Hermione’s bandy leg feline Crookshanks  prowling through  the Gryffindor common room.   For  more info on prices and transport to the studios contact Harmony cars on +44(0)7976374498

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