How the London Postcodes work

ascotMany people visiting London for the first time often book their hotels online. The problem for many is that having never been to London, they have to make their own assumptions on the location of the Hotel. So this is a rough guide to help you select the best situated hotels throughout the London Districts.

Many people coming to London for the first time often book there hotels online, the problem is that never having been to London they have no idea whether the location of the Hotel they want to book is good or bad, so this is a rough guide to help you select the best situated hotels in London.

Unlike many post codes or Zip codes, the London codes do actually have a meaning that will help you make your selection.

At the beginning of the code there is always letters. Sometimes it can say W1 or possibly WC2 , or maybe SE2. The letters at the beginning tell you what part of London the address is allocated to . So W1, is West 1 , WC2 is West central 2, N1 will be North 1 and so on . So when you see SW7 that means the address is South West of central London, and the post codes each reflect the direction they are from the centre of London.

Central London is usually represented by the code W1.

The best codes to look for if you want to stay near the centre are W1,W2, WC1, WC2,SW1,SW5, SW7. All these codes are North of the Thames and are near the mane attractions. The ones to avoid are anything that show SE as that is on the South side of the river, and also anything that shows SW2, SW3,4,6,8,9 all the way up to SW21, which will take you all the way out to Wimbeldon. Which is a long way from central London. Others to avoid are addresses with just N at the beginning, NW, and also avoid all SE post codes.

E or EC1,2,3,4 is the city district, or as the numbers get higher the further East from the centre the districts are.

This is only a rough guide but when looking for a hotel check the address and make sure you check the post code, this will help in making the right decision on selecting location.

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